Both men and women are ”him” according to Genesis 1:27

Both men and women are ”him” according to Genesis 1:27. A word study about the word ”female” in Strong’s Concordance. Word 5344 and 5347. To pierce, boring through, hole etc. And in word 853 we can see that both male and female is ”him”. In Swedish, Karl XII Bible from 1703 is translating it correct. In 1917 Bible version and following translations it is translated wrong, it is changed from ”honom” (English=him) to instead be ”henne” (English=her). So, both men and women are ”him”, and the difference between them is that women has a ”hole”, men doesn’t have that.

Detta inlägg publicerades i Alla inlägg, Gamla Testamentet, Kvinna/feminism, Missuppfattningar, Teologi. Bokmärk permalänken.


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