Mirel på kibbutz 2-12 november



3 november: So when people are posting pics of the first snow of the season, I’m contributing with the first RAIN of the season


12 november:  Beyond happy and thankful for the opportunity to attend the Jerusalem District conference today. We had Elder Clayton a General Authority Seventy, who assists Elder Holland supervise the Middle East area come and speak to us along with other leaders. The teachings and testimonies given today have given me a renewed hope and faith in my Saviour Jesus Christ and In His Atonement. Living the gospel isn’t just something we do on the Sabbath- it’s a way of life, it’s a an attitude- it’s a blessing. Doors are being opened, opportunities and blessings are presenting themselves to me in glorious ways- not necessarily like I thought they would. Now I’m finally starting to realize that the biggest adventure here in Israel is happening right in front of my noise, it’s happening on the inside and it’s happening within the friendships I’m making, it’s happening while I’m working and it’s happening while I’m serving my fellow men. By small and simple things- great things brought to pass. Shabbat Shalom and so much love from Israel ❤️ BYU Jerusalem Center.


Om gunneltroberg

Dikter, texter, mat, musik och allt annat som gör livet levbart.
Detta inlägg publicerades i Alla inlägg, Judendom, Kvinna/feminism, Livet som mormon. Bokmärk permalänken.


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