Mirel på kibbutz 11 oktober 2016


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!! Yesterday 2 Canadian students arranged a little party and even though I don’t belong to the group of Ibex students I got invited because I’m half Canadian :)) All the rest were Americans but yesterday evening it was all about OH CANADA 🇨🇦.
I’m so thankful for the opportunity God gave me to live in Israel. I’m so thankful for the support I have from my family. Living and working here is probably the most different thing I have ever done. It’s an adventure for sure, but it’s also becoming my everyday life. It’s becoming normal to be living here- and that’s probably a sign that all is well. I also want to give thanks for beautiful nature, loving friends, my cat Balder, my mission, my companion, God’s perfect love for me and all his children and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Sometimes I wonder why I’m working so hard without earning any money what so ever, but when those thoughts come to my mind I say- I’m working for Jesus- Or Yeshua as they say here. Here I can help people come closer to Him by sharing His love and light. I can’t share the gospel- but I can testify of the joy and peace that comes from knowing that because of Him- everything will work out for the best.
I know He lives!
Loves from Israel ❤️❤️❤️

Om gunneltroberg

Dikter, texter, mat, musik och allt annat som gör livet levbart.
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