Mirel på kibbutz 4 oktober 2016

mirel1 Tender mercies deluxe! It was my free day off after working during Rosh Hashanah, the restaurant being fully booked with guests and LOTS and lots to do. I woke up early even though I was going to skip breakfast and sleep in- I felt I should go and eat anyways. As soon as I came into the restaurant a woman from Switzerland here with her family who I had talked to a few nights earlier ( I was their waitress) came up and asked me if I was free and I wanted to come along to the Dead Sea and Eid Geddi nature reserve. Yes please! 30 min later we were on our way. They paid everything for me, and even invited me to join them for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant. I can’t explain how much I needed to float around in the Dead Sea, get covered in mud,go swim in a waterfall- and eat at a restaurant without being the waitress! Blessings from above!!!
So much love from Israel ❤️

Om gunneltroberg

Dikter, texter, mat, musik och allt annat som gör livet levbart.
Detta inlägg publicerades i Alla inlägg, Judendom, Kvinna/feminism, Livet som mormon. Bokmärk permalänken.


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