Mirel på kibbutz 23-27 september


Mirel 23 september, Jerusalem: A stressful and tough day will quickly fade away when you end your day with adorable people and beautiful sunsets. Wishing you all a JOYful weekend- Shabbat Shalom from the Judean Hills.


Mirel: 27 september, Yad Hashmona | Biblical Village In The Judean Hills:

How many things can happen in one day?!?! I tried to sit down and write another long letter- and it’s just too hard at the moment since I’ve got so much on my mind… This week I got my 2 days off in a row. Sooo nice. Yesterday I went to TLV and started the day off with some good rooftop hotel breakfast enjoying the sunrise – learnt more about the Israel- Palestine conflict- met a good friend who took the to the famous Borika man- he yells Borika borika borika so the whole market in Tel Aviv can hear him. Borika is a Traditional Libyan dish and it’s so good. He has actually been on Swedish national TV cooking together with the famous TV chef Tina Nordström. I’ve seen him on all my 3 previous Israel trips and now finally I ate some of his delicious street food :)) In the evening I was able to comfort Hope- a really cute 19 year old South Korean girl who is away from her family for the first time. She was working in the restaurant and I saw she was sad so I talked to the manager and she could quit earlier. She was so thankful and she called it a miracle and told me I had been inspired to come and talk to her. We ended up having a wonderful heart to heart talk. I taught her the saying- In the ”Strength of the Lord I can do hard things” After our talk she was smiling again. The day ended with a date night! We went and saw a movie downtown Jerusalem. I loved the washroom doors- PINK just like my new IPhone case. Today they had a little Rosh Hashana celebration- the Jewish New Years is coming up!!! Yay!!! Shana Tova 🎉🇮🇱🎊
Loves from my the Judean Hills ❤️

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