Sova, äta, gå till stranden…och dela med sig om hur det är att vara en Sista Dagars Helig.



Everyone needs a little time to do absolutely nothing. So right now that’s my life. Doing nothing, except sleeping, eating, going to the beach, soaking up the sun, meeting people from all over the world, bumming around at the hostel that’s full of weirdos and currently cruising on…
So in my temporary Tel Aviv life, I’ve found the beach chill girl I didn’t think existed at the same time I’ve been given more opportunities then ever to share what being a Latter Day Saint Is like and what we believe in and how we live our religion. I might not be the best example of a perfect LDS, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing. I’m not proselytizing since that is not allowed- but I’m not going to lie about why I don’t drink, smoke, or what I did this morning ( I went to church) and that I’ll be volunteering at a religious kibbutz. Everyone here is curious and so am I- Sharing is caring!
Not a long letter- but I’m too busy taking it easy- the chill pill I was asking for a month ago is now in my mouth and I’m going to let it melt- SLOWLY
So much love from the city that never sleeps- Tel Aviv Israel ❤️


Om gunneltroberg

Dikter, texter, mat, musik och allt annat som gör livet levbart.
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