My General Conference

Johan FinneSo I have watched and listened to the October 2014 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The first session I watched in the Vasa chapel and it was great meeting members in my old hometown. Then I followed it on the net. And here my brothers and sisters are five personal thoughts from the Conference.

I loved when Sister Cheryl Esplin was talking about the sacrament, “The sacrament gives us an opportunity for introspection and an opportunity to turn our heart and will to God,” she said. “Obedience to the commandments brings the power of the gospel into our lives and greater peace and spirituality.” I hope that when I am blind and deaf, unable to hear any testimonies, that I den still will have the power to attend the sacrament meeting promising to think and act, to be, as Christ.

President Henry Eyring said logic isn’t enough for humanity traversing turmoil. He’s right. In its most vital moments,. I also like what his father, the chemist Henry Eyringhas said ”Is there any conflict between science and religion? There is no conflict in the mind of God, but often there is conflict in the minds of men.” He never got the Noble Prize and some thinks that it was because of his religion and I do not know how The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences was thinking but they apparently awarded him the Berzelius Medal in 1977 as partial compensation.

Elder Oak had a refreshing talk focusing on the key qoustion why it is so diffuclt to have Christlike love for one another?

And he said: “When our positions do not prevail, we should accept unfavorable results graciously and practice civility with our adversaries. In any event, we should be persons of goodwill toward all, rejecting persecution of any kind, including persecution based on race, ethnicity, religious belief or nonbelief, and differences in sexual orientation “

Futher Fox news:

Fox news

But that said; why did Elder Oaks chose the polarizing term “adversaries,” instead of repeating the phrase “those with whom we disagree.” This type of emotionally-fraught labeling is in all liklihood not the best way to raise the level of civility. Me myself connect the term with Satan and his minions. I have respect for Elder Oaks as an Apostle and a special witness of Jesus Christ, I respect his calling and what it entails. He is a great man but still there where som things in his talk that I didn´t get. I am trying to be a good member of Our Church and a caring brother to my friends and when I am a person experiening same-sex attraction I do want toseek and receive personal revelation of the purpose of it.

The missionary choir was singing ”Called to Serve” and it reminded me that I am also called to serve in my everyday life.

Elder Carlos Godoy said that above scriptures and prophets, we have personal revelation to guide us. True and sometimes demanding.

Johan Finne är skribent, trädgårdsmästare och konstnär. Han fick 2013 ett hedersomnämnande för sitt mångåriga arbete inom den svenskfinska HBTIQ-rörelsen av föreningen Regnbågsankan. Han är medarbetare och skribent på bland annat och arbetar dessutom som trädgårdsmästare och konstnär.

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  1. Gunnel Troberg skriver:

    adversaries är en juridisk term som betyder motpart. Vi får inte glömma att äldste Oaks är en gammal överdomare som förmodligen gärna kryddar sitt språk med juridiska termer. Motpart är inte ett ord som jag upplever som annat än neutralt. Jesus säger ju ”älska era fiender”. Fiender är ju ett starkt ord.



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