TLC: Little And Looking For Love – Mormon Half Love

Söndag den 5 oktober kl 22 (repris 4 timmar senare, måndag den 6 oktober kl 02) kommer det att starta en helt ny serie på TLC på tv. Den handlar om mormonen Melinda Bird som har en medfödd ryggmärgsskada och mycket på gång i livet, men hon har alltid haft otur i kärlek. Kan hon råda bot på problemet?

”On ”Mormon Half Love,” TLC follows devout Mormon Melinda Bird, while she braves the treacherous waters of dating at age 40. Just like everyone else, Melinda is looking to make a connection and fall in love. But unlike almost everyone else, she suffers from sacral agenesis: a birth defect which prevents the bottom half of the body from growing that occurs in one out of every 25,000 births.

As a woman who wasn’t even supposed to make it to age one (then 19, then past her teens), Melinda laughs in the face of adversity, and signs up with a faith-based matchmaking service to take on the challenge of blinddating head on. In fact, telling her she can’t do something only makes her want to do it even more.

As she goes on four separate blind dates — as well as Mormon singles weekend in Huntington Beach, CA — Melinda becomes more and more comfortable with the idea of finding her soulmate. She even realizes that her biggest setback has really always been walls that she puts up.

While in Huntington Beach, Melinda doesn’t make a love connection, but she does meet up with a woman who has the same condition as herself, as well as a husband and a daughter. Seeing that one can have sacral agenesis and still be able to have a family, Melinda realizes that anything really is possible.

Melinda may not find that special guy at the end of ”Mormon Half Love,” but the fact that she’s now open to it makes the possibilities even greater. It’s like Whitney sang: learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all.”

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