Blir man hjärntvättad om man släpper in Mormonkyrkans missionärer i sitt hem?

Mormons at my door

Vi är väl alla nyfikna på vad som händer då en person bjuder in missionärerna till sitt hem för en träff. Vad händer egentligen? Vad talar de om? Riskerar man att bli hjärntvättad om man släpper in missionärerna innanför dörren? Är det kanske bäst att undvika missionärerna helt och hållet?

”NEGATION of P” (alias på YouTube” undvek missionärerna under en lång tid. Egentligen så ville han träffa dem, men han kom med invändningar hela tiden både inför sig själv och dem. Men en dag så beslöt han sig för att släppa in dem i sitt hem. Han fick lov att spela in mötet med missionärerna och delar med sig av videon på YouTube.

Om jag förstår det hela rätt så kände sig varken han eller hans vän Mathew hjärntvättade efter mötet med missionärerna. De upptäckte att folks åsikter om mormoner var fel.

”I welcome 3 Mormon Missionaries into my home to discuss their religion along with Mathew Steele who they allowed to join the conversation via Skype.

I would like to sincerely thank the missionaries for allowing me to record our discussion, the leadership of the LDS Church for taking the time to review and approve of us posting this conversation and I would also like to thank Mathew for once again helping me produce the video.

Please check out his channel it is well worth your time:

Also, I wanted to let my viewers know that Mathew mirrored this on his channel so as to allow you to directly address him regarding the comments/questions he asked during the discussion. Link:…

I hope you all find this as interesting as me and Mathew did.”


Det blev en hel del reaktioner på videon då den kom ut på YouTube. ”OneEightHundredStomp” (alias på YouTube) skriver på Mathews sida (mirror):

”In my personal experience, of all the groups in my area, that have done door to door outreach, the Mormons have been by far the most pleasant, and generous with their time. It seems to me, that a lot of the Evangelical Christians could take a lesson from these people, and their methods of outreach. For anyone interested in what I mean about that exactly, I’ll share a personal evaluation of my experiences.

I want to be clear, that this is my personal experience, and not intended as an evaluation of all Mormon and Evangelical outreach. I can only speak to what I have experienced myself, and offer this as a partial assessment, that I hope others will feel compelled to add to, and make more well rounded. I have only had a few encounters with Jehovah Witnesses, so I will omit them from here due to a lack of sufficient experience.

In my experiences, both Mormon’s and Evangelicals have a similar approach to starting the discourse. Where I have noticed a difference, is when I reveal I am an atheist. The tone with the Evangelical tends to drastically change, and they appear to become more ”stand offish.” The Mormons have had a cooler headed, more measured response. While this might seem like nit-picking to some, I feel it is a critical point in how that discourse, and exchange will proceed. I have found that the Evangelical Christians become aggressive, and convey some attributes that call their intent into immediate question. Some of these attributes are:

1. Adding assumptions about my beliefs, when none, or too few have been stated to come to their conclusions. 

2. Accusatory language.

3. Threatening language.

4. A drastic up-tick in conjecture, and assertions.   

5. Insincere body language and facial expressions. This would include things like forced smiling, and an obvious artificial air of confidence, and or concern. 

6. A compulsive effort to have the last word. 

7. A lot of pejorative language about other faiths, and even different denominations of their own faith.

8. Waiting for me to stop talking (in the instances where they don’t interrupt) so they can make another, or continued point. Thus not listening to what I am saying. 

As a result, none of my experiences have been fruitful with Evangelical Christians. Most of the dialogues have been entirely unrewarding, and as a result a complete waste of my time. In contrast, I have found the Mormons to be very pleasant, and more sincere. I have noticed in the instances where they didn’t understand something I was saying, they asked for clarification. I have yet to experience threatening, or aggressive behaviour from Mormons. They are also generous with their time. This is important, because it demonstrates some sincerity. I don’t get the feeling I am a check-mark on a piece of paper, and they have distance to cover. The tone, and kindness shown in this video, is very similar to what I have experienced. You notice that they are listening, and making an effort to understand where you are coming from. No aggressive interjections, no accusatory language, and no threatening language. They don’t speak out of turn, and come across as sincere. This is the way to have a discourse, and I think it would do other faiths well to learn from this. While I personally don’t agree with what is being presented, and have some strong critiques in regards to the founding of this religion, and it’s founder, I have found these people to be respectful, honest, and hard working people. I enjoy having discussions with them. 

I can certainly appreciate their courage, and willingness to allow you to record, and share the discussion. It’s not easy going to a strangers house, in hopes of converting them to a religion, let alone allow them to record, and share that exchange online. I can truly respect the level of commitment and courage these people displayed. The willingness to be evaluated, and have their ideas put to an open forum that may not welcome what they are presenting, or aggressively scrutinize it should be held in high esteem. Regardless of my personal opinions regarding this religion, I have the utmost respect for these people, and their conduct. 

Great video. ”


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