In August 1939 we heard the radio broadcast reporting that Hitler had invaded Poland

Surviving_HitlerDet går bra med Håkan Palms bok Surviving Hitler. Boken säljs slut snabbt på bokförlaget och nya får tryckas upp. Här är ett utdrag av boken. För mig som musikvetare känns det spännande att den kände kompositören Bela Bartok omnämns i förbigående.

Excerpt part 1 from the book:

1939, Galyatetö, Hungary

”In August 1939 we heard the radio broadcast reporting that Hitler had invaded Poland. At that time, Father and Mother were advisors to a government hotel project in the village of Galyatetö in the Carpathian Mountains, about sixty miles northeast of Budapest. There, the state had built a luxury hotel for wealthy people suffering from cardiovascular and lung disease. The hotel was constructed according to the highest international standard and decorated in the most modern style. My father had been hired as purchasing agent and Mother as human resources manager. The hotel was both a skier’s paradise and a private sanatorium.

For the two and a half years until the Nazi injunctions against the Jews, we lived a continued life of luxury and had many, many meetings with interesting people who were hotel guests, including the famous Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. Every afternoon we had tea at 5:00 with dancing in the bar. There I met my skiing and other hotel friends. At least two or three times a week, I was involved in activities in the bar. I drank chocolate with whipped cream and ate cake. Sometimes I danced a few turns.

In the basement of the hotel was a tourist dining room that was a bit less expensive and decorated in rustic style; the canteen was also there. I ate in both dining rooms, alternating between them. They had lovely, hearty Hungarian fare.

Next to the administration office, we had our private dining room, where Mother, Father, and I could eat alone.

In the hotel in Galyatetö, I lived a real life of luxury.

Starting in 1938, Hungary instituted a series of anti-Jewish measures. The laws defined a person as a Jew if he or she had one Jewish grandparent, and Jews’ participation in society was restricted politically and economically (Friedländer 1, 236; 2, 266).”

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Så här skriver Håkan Palm om mottagandet av boken.”Lite overkligt och ödmjukt förvånat känns det att få följande e.mail från market manager Sam Preston Deseret Book”:

” Hi,

You’ll be very pleased to know that Surviving Hitler is selling incredibly well. Within the first two weeks, it was nearly sold out, forcing us to do an immediate reprinting of more books. We seldom do that with our titles. So, very good job on the book. People are loving it, and it continues to sell very well.

Our marketing efforts have included our DB catalog, email lists, social media, blog tour, earned media, and other ads. All have been very well received, as the book is selling so quickly. We had to lessen our efforts for just a little bit to ensure inventory was in the stores, after we had to order more.

The selling amount is following the predicted course, but better. We knew it’d do good, just not this good….” / Sam Preston.

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