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LDS Interpreter – 35 Language Scriptures SideBySide – Free

** This is the FREE version of the app **

LDS Interpreter is the best multi-lingual scripture study tool in the world! Whether you are preparing for, currently serving, or have just returned home from a mission, this app is for you! We built this app so that missionaries can learn and study more effectively.

We have been hard at work on several new features and are very proud that version 5.0 is finally ready. This version includes the following new features:

– A complete redesign of the app that makes the experience much more enjoyable on iOS 7.

– Drastically improved annotation tools. You can now highlight and take notes on any piece of text, no matter how large or small.

– Improved navigation menu. You can now navigate through the entire Quad without leaving the reading view.

– Audio is included for free! We have support for scripture audio in English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Portuguese.

– A free translation service that lets you get the translation of a selected word or phrase right from the app.

– The addition of the Turkish Book of Mormon!

– The addition of the Bible in Italian!

– Dozens of fixes for content related issues. Please re-download the content if you have noticed any issues with chapter headings.

– Support for content in the following languages:

– English – Quad
– Svenska (Swedish) – Triple
– Tonga (Tonga) – Triple
– Deutsch (German) – Quad
– Norsk (Norwegian) – Triple
– Español (Spanish) – Quad
– Français (French) – Quad
– Nederlands (Dutch) – Triple
– Dansk (Danish) – Triple
– Suomi (Finnish) – Triple
– Português (Portuguese) – Quad
– Magyar (Hungarian) – Triple
– Italiano (Italian) – Quad
– Japanese (with furigana) – Triple
– Chinese – Triple
– Korean – Triple
– Arabic – Bible
– Greek – Bible
– Samoan – Triple
– Česky – Triple
– Kreyòl Ayisyen – Triple
– Mongolian – Triple
– Shqip – Triple
– Română – Triple
– Russian – Triple
– Ukranian – Triple
– Tiếng Việt – Triple
– Ilokano – Triple
– Icelandic – Triple
– Estonian – Triple
– Indonesian – Triple
– Cebuano – Triple
– Tagalog – Triple
– Thai – Triple
– Turkish – Book of Mormon



LDS 42 Language Preach My Gospel SideBySide

We are working on an iOS 7 targeted version of this app. Stay tuned for a big update!

** This app displays PDFs. There have been a few customers complain that the nature of the PDFs make it difficult to view this app on the iPhone (due to it’s screen size). Although it is a universal app, it is ideal for the iPad. **

For those return missionaries who served foreign missions, you will find that reading Preach My Gospel is a fantastic way to retain your mission language.

This app enables you to study the complete Preach My Gospel manual side by side in 42 different languages!

You can view one language in full screen mode in portrait, or switch to two language mode in landscape. In landscape you can scroll the different languages separately, or hit the lock button and you can scroll, pan, and zoom in sync!

The following languages are supported in this app:


Keep in mind that this is our first version. If there are features that you would like to see, send us an email! We want to keep improving this app.

Thanks for your support!



34 Language LDS General Conference SideBySide

** Content from the October 2013 sessions is now available! **

** All in-app purchases are now included with the app for free! Even if it looks like you will be charged, you won’t. All available content is included. **

For those return missionaries who served foreign missions, you will find that reading General Conference is a fantastic way to retain your mission language.

This app enables you to study the text and audio of October 2012 and April 2013 General Conference sessions side by side in 34 different languages! Future sessions of conference will be included for free!

Text and audio support is included in this app!

The following languages are supported in this app:

Bahasa Indonesia
Gagana Samoa
Tiếng Việt
Română – romanian

Thanks for your support!



Holy Bible: 27 Languages Side by Side!

Read, study, and listen to the Holy Bible in multiple different languages at the same time!

Version 3 is our most advanced version yet! We’ve added 22 new languages including audio support for 13 languages making this the ultimate tool for studying the Word in multiple languages. We currently have textual support for in the following languages:

– Arabic
– Afrikaans (NT audio)
– Bulgarian
– Danish
– German (NT audio)
– Greek (NT audio)
– English (NT audio)
– Spanish (NT audio)
– Farsi (NT audio)
– French (NT audio)
– Croatian
– Indonesian
– Icelandic
– Japanese
– Norwegian
– Dutch
– Polish (NT audio)
– Portuguese (NT audio)
– Romanian (NT audio)
– Russian (NT audio)
– Albanian
– Swedish
– Swahili (NT audio)
– Thai
– Turkish
– Czech
– Vietnamese (NT audio)

Switching between content and languages couldn’t be easier, thanks to our all-new design. Highlight and record notes on the verse level, and set unlimited bookmarks for keeping track of favorite locations. We’ve streamlined the app to be bug free and a joy to use!



LDS Armor of God Application

** The paid version of the Armor of God app includes two features that the free version doesn’t include. You have the ability to add custom event text into the app, and you have the ability to ”repent”, or clear your history of events. We appreciate your support! **

The LDS Armor of God App is a simple tool that leverages your iOS device to help you keep the commandments. This is accomplished by setting LDS friendly reminders for yourself to do things that you may otherwise forget to do. By actively accomplishing the repetitive and simple things of the LDS lifestyle, the Armor of God can be kept at maximum integrity.

Examples of such tasks are personal prayers in the morning, going to the Temple at least once a month, remembering to start your fast, etc. With the LDS Armor of God App, you won’t forget again!

You can set reminders for the following events:

– Reading the Scriptures
– Praying
– Fasting
– Going to the Temple
– Paying Tithing/Fast Offerings
– Going to Church
– Family Home Evening
– Doing your Home/Visit Teaching

Reminders can be set for any time of the day, and can be set to repeat daily, weekly, or monthly.

The app’s armor type is determined on how many recurring events you have scheduled. The breakdown is as follows:

0-1 Reminder = Cloth armor
2-3 Reminders = Leather armor
4-5 Reminders = Wooded armor
6+ Reminders = Steel armor

As you increase the number of reminders that are set, the app background images change to reflect the type of armor that you have.

Your armor integrity is determined by how often you accomplish the reminders you set for yourself. If you hit a bad slump, don’t worry, you can repent! Do your best to keep your armor type and integrity as high as possible.

Feel free to let us know what you like and don’t like about the app, and we will continue to polish and improve it as best we can.

Thanks for your support!



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