Queen Juliana is my 12th cousin thrice removed

I was told by a friend in the Netherlands there has been a reaction because of the vicarious baptisms of Dutch royalty. I do not know her or her family and I have not met them, but I am related to them.

Queen Juliana is my 12th cousin thrice removed. I have not submitted the names to the temple so that ceremonies could take place, nor performed any of the ceremonies, but I am distantly related to them and could have done it.

Mormons baptise Dutch royals

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, better known as the Mormon Church, has posthumously baptised Queen Beatrix’s late husband Prince Claus and her parents Prince Bernhard and Queen Juliana. Trouw writes that the Dutch protestant daily has got hold of data from the Mormons genealogical database.

Members of the church are allowed to baptise their forefathers by proxy, so that they can go to heaven. The church carries out genealogical research to identify dead relatives. However, the controversial practice is sometimes carried out to baptise people who are not relatives of members of the church. The baptism of holocaust victim Anne Frank led to indignation in Jewish circles.

Trouw adds that the church has offered to scan documents for provincial archives in the Netherlands for free, but many provinces are reluctant to take up the offer because the Mormons have an ulterior motive, i.e. they want to use the information for their genealogical research.

The baptism of Prince Claus apparently took place in August 2004, two years after his death, in the Brazilian city of Campinas. A spokesperson for the Mormon church in the Netherlands says they were being “over-enthusiastic”, but he couldn’t imagine there being any objections as it is “an act of love””








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En kommentar till Queen Juliana is my 12th cousin thrice removed

  1. Mats Ahlqvist skriver:

    Om jag inte minns fel finns det en regel i kyrkan som säger att man måste inhämta närmaste släktingarnas tillåtelse för att kunna döpa en person som avlidit efter 1917 dvs 95 års regeln.
    Det står också skrivet att personer som i djupet av sitt hjärtas fullhet skulle ha tagit emot evangeliet under sin levnad skall av Herren räknas som att han tagit emot evangeliet.



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