Vittna för muslimer

Det är mycket svårt att vittna så starkt till muslimer så att de vill konvertera. Men det finns ett bra sätt – börja med Koranen.

Muslimer lär sig att memorera Koranen, så det finns mycket man kan ta upp där som de känner igen. Jesus är viktig för dem, han är en av deras profeter.

Börja ett samtal med en muslim med att säga ”Salaam-Alaikum” eller ”jag önskar dig frid”. Det är en hälsning som ofta minskar deras försvar.

Fortsättsedan med den uppföljande invitation ”Låt oss läsa i Koranen tillsammans om Jesus”.

“The Camel Method”

The name of the method comes from an Arabic saying: Every good Muslim knows 99 names for Allah, but only the camel knows the 100th name. We tell them we know the 100th name. It’s Jesus.

The Camel Method uses the Quran to establish three main points: ’Isa, or Jesus, is holy; ’Isa has power over death; and ’Isa knows the way to heaven.

Using selected verses from the Quran, the Camel Method doesn’t teach or lecture, but asks questions.

The 45th verse of Imran addresses Jesus as Masih ’Isa. Ask them what does Masih ’Isa mean? Muslims know the meanings of their names. Names are important to them, but most won’t know this one. Then you can tell them that it means messiah or anointed one.

Next, ask if any other of the 124 000 prophets the Muslims revere was given that designation, he instructed. None were. This demonstrates the uniqueness of Christ.

In the 47th verse of Imran, Mary the mother of Jesus testifies she never had been touched by a man. Ask if any other prophet was born without a father, and Muslims typically will answer, “Adam.” Let them tell the story of the Garden of Eden until the point where Adam is forced to leave paradise because of his sin.

Note all of Adam’s and Eve’s descendents likewise have been sinful, but Jesus wasn’t included in that line.

The 49th verse of Imran says ’Isa, or Jesus, has can “bring dead to life.”

At this point, I say, my greatest fear is death, and I’m grateful there is one who has power over it.

Verse 54 of Imran says God has a plan, and verse 55 describes that plan. It says that Allah will cause ’Isa to die and then will exalt him. It goes on to say that those who deny the truth that ’Isa proclaims will be far below those who follow his truth.

Ask if any of the 124,000 can help a person get to heaven.

They will always answer ’Isa.

At that time, a Muslim is prepared to hear the plan of salvation using verses 54 and 55—Korbani Plan of Salvation.

“Korbani” means sacrifice. The Quran points out a blood sacrifice is needed to cover sins, and Muslims go through a ritual every year where they slaughter an animal to cover their sins. That gives an opening to talk about Christ’s sacrifice.

Let them know Allah’s plan was for one perfect person to be sacrificed who would take all sin for all time.

Next, a Christian witness can talk about accepting Christ’s sacrifice. Ask if a judge let a guilty man go if that would be justice, which will bring a negative answer, because a judge has to give punishment for wrongs.

But ’Isa came and said, I have clean hands, put their judgment on me. That was God’s plan.

We need to acknowledged that the process takes time, and many fall away due to pressures from their society. But Christians must be diligent in telling the good news to Muslims because God already is preparing hearts to hear the gospel. Läs mer

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