Mirel på kibbutz 23-27 september


Mirel 23 september, Jerusalem: A stressful and tough day will quickly fade away when you end your day with adorable people and beautiful sunsets. Wishing you all a JOYful weekend- Shabbat Shalom from the Judean Hills.


Mirel: 27 september, Yad Hashmona | Biblical Village In The Judean Hills:

How many things can happen in one day?!?! I tried to sit down and write another long letter- and it’s just too hard at the moment since I’ve got so much on my mind… This week I got my 2 days off in a row. Sooo nice. Yesterday I went to TLV and started the day off with some good rooftop hotel breakfast enjoying the sunrise – learnt more about the Israel- Palestine conflict- met a good friend who took the to the famous Borika man- he yells Borika borika borika so the whole market in Tel Aviv can hear him. Borika is a Traditional Libyan dish and it’s so good. He has actually been on Swedish national TV cooking together with the famous TV chef Tina Nordström. I’ve seen him on all my 3 previous Israel trips and now finally I ate some of his delicious street food :)) In the evening I was able to comfort Hope- a really cute 19 year old South Korean girl who is away from her family for the first time. She was working in the restaurant and I saw she was sad so I talked to the manager and she could quit earlier. She was so thankful and she called it a miracle and told me I had been inspired to come and talk to her. We ended up having a wonderful heart to heart talk. I taught her the saying- In the ”Strength of the Lord I can do hard things” After our talk she was smiling again. The day ended with a date night! We went and saw a movie downtown Jerusalem. I loved the washroom doors- PINK just like my new IPhone case. Today they had a little Rosh Hashana celebration- the Jewish New Years is coming up!!! Yay!!! Shana Tova 🎉🇮🇱🎊
Loves from my the Judean Hills ❤️

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Mirel på kibbutz 20-21 september 2016


Mirel fortsätter att berätta om sitt liv på kibbutz. Samtidigt hittade jag en intressant artikel från anno 1928 publicerad i Jewish Telegraphic Agency. Lite stolt känner man sig som medlem i kyrkan att vår kyrka redan då, innan andra världskriget, var så positivt inställda till judar. Staten Utah utmärkte sig på många sätt, inte minst genom det stora antal blandäktenskap som skedde mellan mormoner och judar.

Allt är dock inte så positivt i Israel. Mirel postade en inspelning av när larmet gick när hon befann sig på stranden.

First time I heard the sound of the red alert sirens I thought I was going to cry. It was for real-rockets where being fired into Israel from Gaza, and they were aiming for Tel Aviv. That vacation turned out a little different then we had expected- and I was blessed with great faith, strength and courage that only can come from God the Almighty. It was a life changing experience! Yesterday’s red alert siren was only a practise run- but for a second though!


My first real day off consists of waking up at 05:15, getting a free ride to Tel Aviv by a sweet man living in Yad Hashmona, who also let me have breakfast almost for free at his hotel, going to the beach and here is where you will find me today- Relax mode, reading a book I found in stuff left by former volunteers- the only Swedish book they had. It was waiting for me 🙂Swimming and going to the 6 shekel falafel place 🙂
Wishing everyone a wonderful day! ❤️❤️


Completed my first week of working at the Yad Hashmona Country Hotel restaurant! Today was also the first day I wasn’t completely dead after my shift 🙂
Loving my sweet roommates Tintti from Finland and Carrie from Taiwan. Also- can’t believe I live only 20 min outside of Jerusalem! Laila tov from Israel ❤️


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Restaurangjobb på kibbitz.


Ending my third shift at the restaurant- and I’m beyond tired. I wish I knew Hebrew- it would make everything easier… But it’s ok- almost all the guests speak English🙂
I’m learning how to polish like a pro, dance around on slippery floors, smile and make people feel welcome, and just solve any problem that might come up. I’ve already heard from two workers that I’m a professional! Ha ha trying I guess🙂 I’m finished for today- and excited for my first volunteer trip tomorrow, we are going hiking in the Ein Ovdat National Park- a canyon in the Negev desert of Israel. Will post pics and facts of the trip. Sorry that ice not written a second letter- but it’s coming. Thanks for your love and comments, they men a lot!
Loves ❤️❤️❤️

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Israel – ett ställe mitt hjärta kallar ”hemma”.


Israel – a place my hart call home.

Israel- a place my heart calls home ❤️

Israel- a place my heart calls home ❤️

Israel- a place my heart calls home ❤️



Mirel fortsätter att med text och bilder berätta om möten med nya vänner och hur hon till slut kommer fram till den kibbutz som hon ska arbeta på.

Meet my lovely girl from Sweden!! 😎
Can’t believe that we get along so well with each other I love this girl so much!!! 😍 Have a great time in the kibbutz!! Miss you already!! [Mirel blir taggad av en kompis]


Jerusalem bound- cause tomorrow is the day! Bus is freezing cold- but my heart is warm because I know I’m doing the right thing. My Tel Aviv week was lazy, filled with sand, beach, sun a guy who had a guitar and sang for me, love, mixed with a few drops of tears. But also filled with thoughts and a lot of pondering about who I am- what I’m doing with the time I’ve been given- and why sometimes my heart and mind don’t agree, but then somehow God turns every single thing into learning experiences- at the same time he sends you amazing people in your way- who help you see things for what they really are. Chanty de Haan being one of them- love this girl sooo much!
Tomorrow I’ll start my volunteering!

And I’m here! For all of you who are wondering where I am- and what I’ll be doing well here’s some info:
Oh and I’ll be working in the restaurant! Not housekeeping or in the garden, I’m going restaurant yay!!! So happy :)) I love food 🙂

”The Yad-Hashmona Country Hotel is settled in the heart of a unique community (Moshav), where local Jewish Israelis and Gentiles share their faith in Yeshua (Jesus) and the Scriptures- the Old and New Testament.

The original Yad Hashmona cooperative village was founded by a group of Christian volunteers who arrived from Finland to pursue their Biblical beliefs and help the Jewish people to establish themselves in their old-new homeland. The settlement was named after eight Jews who were handed over to the Nazis during World War II by Finland. ( “Yad” – Memorial; “Hashmona” – the eight).

The Hotel is located on the peaceful heights of the Judean Hills, only 20 minutes from Jerusalem and less than half an hour drive from the Ben Gurion Airport. Biblical sites such as Emmaus and Kiryat Yearim (site of the Ark of the Covenant) are located close by.

The Country Hotel is surrounded by beautiful views of the evergreen Judean Hills and the Mediterranean costal plain”

Please come and visit- you will love it here!
Loves ❤️❤️❤️

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Sova, äta, gå till stranden…och dela med sig om hur det är att vara en Sista Dagars Helig.



Everyone needs a little time to do absolutely nothing. So right now that’s my life. Doing nothing, except sleeping, eating, going to the beach, soaking up the sun, meeting people from all over the world, bumming around at the hostel that’s full of weirdos and currently cruising on…
So in my temporary Tel Aviv life, I’ve found the beach chill girl I didn’t think existed at the same time I’ve been given more opportunities then ever to share what being a Latter Day Saint Is like and what we believe in and how we live our religion. I might not be the best example of a perfect LDS, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing. I’m not proselytizing since that is not allowed- but I’m not going to lie about why I don’t drink, smoke, or what I did this morning ( I went to church) and that I’ll be volunteering at a religious kibbutz. Everyone here is curious and so am I- Sharing is caring!
Not a long letter- but I’m too busy taking it easy- the chill pill I was asking for a month ago is now in my mouth and I’m going to let it melt- SLOWLY
So much love from the city that never sleeps- Tel Aviv Israel ❤️


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Mirel på väg…


Leaving the beautiful North District of Israel and my heart is full. I can’t describe how loving, caring and welcoming the people are here and I’ll share some of my experiences in my second letter.

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Newsner musik är en sajt som man kan ”gilla” på facebook. Då kommer det upp statusuppdateringar med tips om fina musikstycken. Flera gångar har det varit musikgrupper och musiker där artisterna också är medlemmar i Jesu Kristi kyrka. av Sista Dagars Heliga. Noteworthy och Vocal Point är a capellagrupper knutna till BYU och senast kom lilla Claire Ryann Crosby från Salt Lake City upp i Newsner musiks flöde. Lyssna och njut av denna änglamusik.






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